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Volvo Penta EPC Update information

24 Ocak 2021

As many of you have noticed, we have not had any updates of EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog) for some time due to a switch to a new digital platform which will be an enabler for much more functionality in the future.
For EPC Offline, we will face some challenges regarding distribution of large data content. Downloading of republished catalogs to EPC Offline will be time consuming and therefore we are planning to perform the update in two steps in order not to interrupt your daily work too much.
1.    2020-11-24 - Publishing of the new information structure – the new extended technical data will start to be downloaded in background through the synchronizer service; while the current content is still going to be used the same way as it was before. The new structure will appear in EPC Offline after synchronization. The catalogs with new structure will be accessible BUT there will be no possibility to search for the content inside these catalogs until republished data is accessible, see step 2. Previous content will work as usual.

2.    2020-11-30 – Publishing of catalog contents – after allowing most of users to download all the new ( we recommend downloads be complete by December 8 , 2020) , we are going to publish an update to the old catalogs and withdraw the catalogs we no longer want to be published. During downloading of the data package, EPC Offline may show some disturbances, please wait for the download to complete if this is encountered.
Best way to perform this transition smoothly is to keep computers with running 24/7 with Volvo Penta Synchronizer online until the transition is done.
After downloading this update, there will be entire new set of catalogs ready to work on. The structure of the new catalogs in EPC Navigator will be quite different just like the section numbers. Please see attached file for detailed information.
Note! For EPC Online, the updates will be visible in the system one week after the full release of EPC Offline.

24 Ock 2021
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24 Ock 2021
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06 Nis 2021
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